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Account reactivation

To reactivate an account suspended due to non-payment, you will need to pay the reactivation fee of $20, all outstanding charges and all pending hosting fees before the account will be reactivated. Please contact the Billing Department to arrange the payment for the account and to have the account reactivated.

Plan downgrade
There is a $20 fee to downgrade any hosting plan. This fee covers staff time needed to make this change occurred. Please file a support request at Help desk and select the billing category.

Plan upgrade
There is no fee associated with upgrading your web hosting plan.

Insufficient funds charge
There is $25 fee for every check returned due to insufficient funds.

Credit card charge-back
To reactivate your hosting account, there is $25 fee for any credit card charge-back determined to have been requested on a legitimate credit card charge.

Extra disk space
If you require additional space, you may upgrade to a larger hosting plan or purchase additional disk space. Details of extra charge could be found at the appropriate plan pages. Please file a technical support request at Help desk and select the Technical Support category.

Extra bandwidth charges
Bandwidth overage charges will be billed at the end of the month for accounts that exceed their plan's bandwidth allocation. You will be notified automatically when you near your plan's bandwidth limit. Excess bandwidth is billed at $6 per Gigabyte (rounded up) per month.

Extra email accounts
We provide unlimited accounts option. Please read appropriate plan page for further details.

Web based email usage
This is our free of charge service. You could use our web based email till your Bandwidth limit crosses. You can purchase more bandwidth from us. Please visit appropriate plan pages for additional charge on bandwidth usage.

Using web statistics - Webalizer
We do not charge any fees for using web statistics. You need to file a support request to activate your webalizer web statistics.

Change in DNS entry of your domain purchased from other registrar
To change DNS entry our technical team will assist you at no extra cost. If you want us to perform this task, we will charge $10 for this. Please file a support request at Help desk for this task.

Domain management services
Our domain management services (DIRECTI Customer Interface) can help you transfer your Verisign (Network Solutions) domain to our servers and update your contact information at the same time. We can also assist you with transferring your domain name to our registrar company and more. Please file a support request at Help desk to accomplish this task. We will charge you $10 if you want us to complete the task of transferring your domain name from Verisign.

Tape backup restoration
We generally conduct daily backups of all server data 7 days a week. We will restore customer files for a fee of $25 per restoration. We will restore the latest backup available with us.

Domain pointer or MX record setup
No extra charge for Domain pointer or MX Record setup.

What is a domain pointer?
A domain pointer is a separate domain name that points to your domain hosted with us or any IP address you provide to us. This allows a visitor to access the same website with both domain names. For example,- You have a website called, but have registered another domain name called A domain pointer allows you to set up the domain name so that when a user types in, they will be sent to the website. This not only applies to the user's website, it also works with email accounts. For example,- and point to the same mailbox. Both domains have to be hosted with us. Note that we can only point to domain names or IP addresses and not to website subdirectories.

What is an MX record?
An MX Record allows domain owners the ability to have their email services hosted at another location. The MX record will point to the IP address or hostname of their email server.

Sub-domain creation with no additional fees
You can manage your sub-domain from your customer control panel.

Private secure SSL certificate
We can obtain GeoTrust SSL certificate for $175 on behalf of you.

Note: Above rates as on dated 8/1/2005, if rates are changed, the new rates will be charged at the time of order.

Do you charge anything additional for any script usage?
No, we do not charge any additional fees for them. For Win 2k plans we do not charge anything extra for ASP, PHP, Perl, Cold Fusion support.

For Linux plans we do not charge anything extra for PHP, Perl support. Please read appropriate plan pages for further details.

Do you charge extra for database use?
No, we do not charge extra for database use. But it depends upon the plan you select. Please read appropriate plan pages for further details.

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