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QUE: What databases are supported for Windows

For the windows plan we support,

  1. Microsoft Access
  2. MYSQL
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  5. DB Flat Files
Where is the database folder for MSAccess database ?
\"Db"\ folder
created along with the \"www"\ folder is the recommended folder for .mdb file
placements. Below are the reasons for recommending to place the .mdb database in

  1. Security:
    Folder \"db"\ is out of the public area of your web site. Any
    content you placed inside the \"db"\ folder is not accessible via http protocol
    to the visitor.
  2. Read/Write Access:
    System user has complete read-write access of the
    \"DB"\ folder, while the other folders like \"www"\ & folders inside that are
    read-only folder.
  3. DSN Creation:
    You can create DSN via HELM control panel the .mdb
    files placed inside the folder \"DB"\ & it's sub-folder.
contact the support technician, if you have further queries.

I need help on connecting with the database.
Please visit the URL You will find this resource very much helpful
to make connection string to connect to the database. For the further help, please
visit the below mentioned URL to contact our technical support:

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