Aug 18th Reboot Required on shared hosting MS SQL database servers

Dear Valued Clients,We will be taking our HyperSSD40 Server offline, which hosts the databases of shared hosting websites. We have received an update from our server technicians that HyperV40 server requires the installation of Windows OS updates and latest backup agent. We will have to reboot HyperSSD40 in order to get the latest backup agent in ... Lees verder »

Jun 19th Emergency Security Patching on all Linux Shared hosting servers

Dear Valued Clients A vulnerability targeting the networking stack in linux servers running kernel 2.6.29 or newer has been discovered that allows for Networking denial-of-service of varying severity, leveraging TCP "Selective Acknowlegment" (SACK).Because the vulnerability requires absolutely no authentication, it could be used to deny ... Lees verder »